Friday, October 19, 2012

Best War movie... EVER!

My Way, “Inspired by a true story”


From what I gather this is a Korean film shot in Latvia. Let’s see if you can follow the plot. It follows two kids in Japanese occupied Korean (pre war) one Japanese- one Korean. Korean family is poor, Japanese family is rich. Kids do not get along as they are marathon rivals. Japanese kid becomes colonel in Japanese Army, Koran lowly private in his unit. They fight the Russians in Manchuria (some really fun suicide missions blowing up tanks here), but are captured and sent to Siberian POW work Camp.


Germany invades Russia and they get drafted as privates (remember, one was a colonel of the Japanese army). The fight a mad charge against German machine guns (taken almost verbatim from “Enemy at the Gates,” and somehow they desert and are found by the Germans. So they  get drafted by the Germans into an Ost Battalion. Where are they sent to work? You got it- Normandy. Omaha Beach to be exact.


Now comes what has to be the greatest, most amazing and spectacular D-Day scene EVER!!!!!

(note: five exclamation points rating). A fighter crashes into their trench following them running down it towards the camera and they are narrowly missed by the wreckage.  Explosions!! Bombers (Memphis Belle). Massive Allied fleet. GI’s run in in landing craft (SPR), and we find out two friends held at gunpoint by an evil Nazi officer to fire machine guns at the Americans. Americans land and fire Ranger style grappling hooks to climb up to the concrete bunker (no cliff here, just a beach with a ridge of sand behind it). They seem to not see the tourist wooden stairway going to the top of the sand dune. More big explosions and the two guys escape their bunker and run away across a field. 16” Naval guns pound around them, with explosions like small hand grenades.


Even though it is daylight, paratroopers start landing, and surround the two guys in a circle. Sadly, the Korean is wounded (in the  heart) so he gives his dog tag to the Japanese guy saying if the Americans find out he is a Jap they will kill him. Korean Dies, Jap cries, and we see later on the Japanese guy has assumed the Koreans identity and WINS the Olympic marathon in his name.  Hooray! War is Bad! Human spirit triumphs over badness.


Now, what is really weird is that most of the props and uniforms and CGI are really pretty good. It’s the story that makes it a near laughable film. I admit I enjoyed the first half pretty much, but then when they join the German army all credibility goes away and it was more astonishment that someone actually wrote this, and more so that they actually made it. Even more so that have the balls to say it is “Inspired by a true story.”


Seriously, the ending D-day sequence is pretty hysterical to watch as it is a combination of decent uniforms and equipment, but horrendous plot. As if someone looked at the pictures in books but was unable to read the text.  That and they bought any CGI items that had already been programmed. In fact for a while I wondered if they had just purchased clips from other war films to use.  I can only assume the "inspired by" means "Inspired by all the WW2 war films the author went to see and realized made lots of money."



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