Saturday, June 11, 2005

gas! as in tanks.

Well, still trying to clean out the jeep gas tank. Looks like there is indeed a lot of crud in it as all the solvents I used turned a very dark crud color. I think, as I can't seem to drain it very well, that should just find a place to clean it for me. Looked in the Yellow Pages and not ONE listing of a radiator shop saying the did gas tanks. I'll start calling on monday I guess.

Had a nice talk with a vet from the 552 FA Bn (240mm guns). He has a pile of photos he took, and I gather he also aquired a pile of 16mm HJ films as well. I just need to find time to go look at this great treasure trove. Its just any time anyone tells me they have great stuff, it ain't, and the when they say "tisn't nothing" it sometimes is.

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