Sunday, June 12, 2005

The sweetest sound in the World

The great Master Bean (mechanical genius) came over yesterday and after hours of torture in high 90’ humidity, and 2 trips to the auto store, the jeep fired up.

First we tried to get her going on starter fluid and when it caught oil sprayed out of the (not tight) oil filter.

Then we spent time cleaning the fuel pump and then figured out the rig I had built opt by pass the gas tank only sucked in air. Fixed that. Pump then sucked gas, but sprayed out all over the carb. Cleaned the carb and then gas sprayed out of a small hole in the tubing. Replaced that and she fired right up and ran pretty darn well.

Now to find a place to have the gas tank cleaned so it does not run on a tube sitting in a jerrycan of gas.

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