Thursday, June 09, 2005

I am sick of D-day

It has been D-day week on TV. Every year at this time I dread it. I sort of ‘have’ to watch the shows, but I end up regretting it. Mostly the same old thing, or just badly done. I finally got around to watching most of “D-day, the Hidden (or something) Evidence.” I had to stop watching it last year when they totally mis identified where Utah Beach was on a map. And it was a show about aerial photography ferchristsakes! I did not miss anything. Well, I did miss one rather cool 30 seconds simulated sweep of the beach, but that was it. The rest made me want to throw things at my TV.

Then comes the sunken DD tanks show. That one pisses me off. First off the guy never admits that some Frenchmen actually did all this survey work a long time ago. OK, fine. But then he goes ahead and makes some rather big conclusions on what “really” happened, without (seemingly) citing any work in any post action debriefs or talking to vets who were still alive.

I try to take all these silly shows with a grain of salt. But it is the reason I turn down so many chances to be on TV. First off the producers do not care if they do a good job. That means more than likely my interview will be cut back to make me say something dumb and or wrong. I say enough dumb things on my own. I do not need their help.

At least we get to go back to normal for a while now. And those of us that actually care about this stuff can get back to work and slowly pick away at looking for the real history and not be swamped by people that ask “did you see that there film Private Ryan?”

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