Sunday, June 26, 2005

paratroopers everywhere!

A friemd writes me:

"I went to Normandy last June 6, visiting graves at the US cemetery. I spent the afternoon near Carentan and Sainte Mère. At the De Trez museum at carentan, I had the surprise to meet with Forrest Guth. The stuff shown in the museum is just awsome. Probably the best museum of Normandy. At sainteMère, there were more people in paratroops uniforms than civilians. Never seen that before. The more fun was to see some families with wife husband and kids all dressed in paratrooper uniforms!!!"

Spent the weekend cleaning the gas tank with muriatic acid (and not burning myself). And yep- as expected where the straps rubbed off the paint some small rust pin holes developed. Thankfully the cool epoxy based gunk I am using seems to work well on this stuff.

FOund out the right wheels not turning is a featire of the way the jeep is geared. Put some tewnsion on the lefthand wheels and the power goes to the right. So that is a relief. Also bought a very cool "bolt-on" wire cutter for the front bumper.

Was offered a decent 1987 riot gun with ord proofs. I do not need it. But it is so cool! and when zombies come will be handy. A purchase liek this would fit into my "sell the extra junk and buy a few nice things."

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